This is how I ball

Baby baller that’s what they call me, coined after my dad’s fascination to paintball. I’m all geared up from head to toe and I’m ready to shoot some balls!


Since dad started playing paintball , he has dreamed of getting my siblings and I a complete set of paintball pants, jersey, and headgears. So today, the most awaited box finally arrived from my grannies in the US, where it contains my mom’s Spyder marker, DYE jerseys, shirts and caps, loads of goggles for dad, and my set of pants and jerseys, hoorah!

My excitement grew bigger when dada started to open the box and I jumped in happiness when he handed me my very first paintball set. Next thing I did is to ask Manang to help me wear them :D

I’m so happy today that I even bragged my new clothes to mom when she arrived home and she said I am so cute!