Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

T’was very busy in our house the past couple of months and both mom and dad were stuck with their busy schedules. Hiatus as you may say and I am just a baby who waits for my parents helping hand to update my blog :P

I’ll wrap up my absences in sharing you some photos taken candidly by my family :)

That’s me with my baby doll courtesy of Manang Lucre…it didn’t last long though, because I always get scared when I sit the doll and it opens its eyes, in the end, I poke the eyes off and threw them in my toys box :P Now I am not scared anymore :D

This month, I attended the Family day at my mom and siblings’ school where hundreds of kindergarten students performed. I also joined some activities like face painting and nail art for they are so much fun to do :-)

Dad is so frustrated to have a baby boy, I think, that he even bought me a soccer uniform so I’d look cute when they play paintball :P most of my toys are for boys too and actually I find them very interesting than my dolls. Dolls re scary, boys toys are fun!

Last, I learned how to pray seriously. I don’t kid around anymore when we say our grace, instead I always close my eyes and wait for the prayer to be said before I say Amen :)

Mom and dad are still busy, and they haven’t uploaded our Christmas photos yet. Anyway, I know they will soon. Nevertheless, I want to share to all of you that I had a wonderful Christmas with my family. I received loads of gifts (presents and cash) and my most fave amongst all is my Buzz Lightyear given by Kuya Biggie! I just love Toy Story and Buzz is superb! i hope next time he’ll give me Andy and Jesse so I can add them to my collection. I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday with your family, too. See you in 2011 :D