Sihanoukville Beach Experience

This year, my family celebrated Khmer New Year at the beach. It’s my first time and I really had so much fun playing with my brother and sister.

I love the water at Sokha Beach. It's much clearer and there are plenty of fish under.

I love riding jet ski. My dad drove fast that the water splashed on my face, it's very exciting!

My siblings and I played many games. I love this one because we buried my brother under the sand :P

Do you see the big ball behind? It's an inflatable to be brought in the middle of the sea. I really want to try it but mom and dad won't allow me.


Building my very first sand castle :-)

I also enjoyed the waves with my parents

Let's play the sand and find clams!!!

Daddy's lil' girl is now ready to explore the beach

The pool's water is warm and nice. I gave great fun swimming in it.

Mom promised that we’ll come back here after my school in June. I am really hoping that we will stay longer next time as I love the water and the place. Looking at all the photos my dad has taken, I cannot take away the smile on my face. What a wonderful experience to travel and at the same time bond with my whole family. I love you Aommy. I love you Daddy. Thanks for being nice parents to me and my dear ate and kuya. Thank you for always bringing us to many good places.

Till my next adventure post peeps!