Just Updating

It has been an exciting week with my family. Since Papa Jun (Mommy’s daddy) came here, my mornings became more fun and enjoyable. It has been a routine for me, Ate Andrea, Kuya Aaron and Papa Jun to stroll around the town every time we wake. That’s why I always look for my  Papa Jun when I wake up more than mom and dad now (forgive me mom, I have my new favorite now :P)

Anyway, I just wanna update you on how my week pas through :D

– went strolling in the nearby temple, where me and my siblings play around running.

– the nearby creek is what we use for our stone targeting.

– num pang pate (baguette with meat) became our official merienda in the afternoons.

– swimming for almost an hour in my big tumbler is my number one past time.

– I am the number one sumbungera whenever ate and kuya annoys me :P

– kuya and I have these so called mamaso,  it’s a skin irritation that started from small rash  then ended up looking like boils. We don’t know where we got them , but mom’s really doing her best to cure the itchy rashes. We’re taking our antibiotics for fast healing and we use cream to stop it from spreading.

– last, night time is spent for movies, especially movies with lines of sweet things to say to your girlfriend, which makes my kuya giggling all the time, hahaha.

It’s my mom’s last day at school now and then she’ll have her two weeks off. It’ll be my birthday next week, so my parents are preparing all my birthday stuffs. I’m turning two soon and I am excited!!! Till my next update. See yah :-*

I’m So Busy Playing!

Tito Biggie bought me a new set of Lego Zoo the other night, and look I’m having great time playing it! I love the animals so much like the giraffes, hippos, and the tigers. With these kind of toys I am learning more about the animals that we see in the jungle.

This morning mom bought me another set of cooking toys aside from the set I had at Citimart. The new ones are more comfy to play because the stuffs look more realistic! The other toys I have are realistic as well, but these ones are much fun to play (Idunno why) I have the corns, veggies, eggs, pots, tables, and chairs! It makes the play more fun when I’m playing market-market with my Ate Andrea and Kuya Aaron. Plus the fact that mommy likes to buy educational toys for the three of us. She always see to it that we are learning something from the toys we have. Mommy and Daddy were even joking last time when they saw me playing…they said maybe I’ll end up a housemaid when I grow up because I always cook and clean :P Mommy will upload my photos tomorrow because it’s late now and I have to sleep :)

Goofing with Mommy

last night my mom and dad celebrated their 33 months of being together so they decided to have a shawarma dinner at le liban in riverside with me and kuya biggie :D thus, i took this opportunity to goof with my mom in front of the cam!

peace y’all out there!

i had my bite on my chicken shawarma and it tastes really good! i just hope that mom and dad will tag me along next time so i can eat more of this treat! happy anniv mommy joyce and daddy pong…i love you both!!!

Happy Birthday Ate Andeng!

sa aking pinakamamahal na ate andrea,maligayang kaarawan sayo! lab na lab kitang sobra!

Yo Daddy! Happy Birthday!!!

The greatest gift I ever had
Came from God; I call him Dad!

No words can ever express how lucky I am to have you as my dad, and now that you’re celebrating your special day, I want to say thank you for being the best daddy that you can be! I love you Daddy and Happy birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Tito Benok!

Another year has been added to you so you can grow and cultivate your skills, thus we look forward to see you reaping all your hard work and sacrifices. Happy Birthday tito benok from us here in Phnom Penh, Cambodia – love Andrea, Aaron, Aiken, Mommy Joyce, and Daddy Pong!

Happy Mothers Day

I love my mother as the trees love water and sunshine – she helps me grow, prosper, and reach great heights.Happy Mothers Day Mommy Joyce!

to my two gorgeous Lolas! Mommy Yolly and Wowa Deng :D

and to my hot Tita Chele!

Aiken Kulit :D

Chicken dinner at KFC

Cam whoring with mommy!

Happy Birthday Wowa Deng!

It’s my grand wowa Deng’s birthday today and my dad threw a small Chinese dinner for her honour! Mommy, Ate Andrea, Kuya Aaron, Manang Lucre, and Kuya Biggie savoured the small feast that we had and wished wowa Deng a happy and full of blessings birthday.

Wowa Deng, even you’re on the other half of the world our love for you remains the same. We hope you had a blast on your big day :D I love you!!!