Goodbye K3, Hello K4

Mom and Dad always tell me that school is fun and if things get a little bit hard, I shall take them as challenges and never give up. Now, one year had passed and looking back to what I have done, I’d say I enjoyed school a lot.

First, I was able to build up my self confidence and managed to make new friends. Even though we’re from different races – most of them are Khmer – we still feel united in so many things. We play, sing songs, and even share our snacks with one another. When the teacher is out, we shout and run around the room making our TAs shout hahaha! It really is fun!

Next, I was able to explore the world of learning for the very first time. Who said phonics is hard? Oh well, I aced it and now Mommy is so happy to teach me the CVC’s for I have learned by heart all the sounds of the letters in the alphabet. I have learned how to count too! I can count now till 100, can you believe that! I learned to write and blend colors at school too which makes my downtime interesting because now I can do something aside from playing.

Last, I have learned to value all the efforts given by my teacher and parents. They are my pillars for what and who will I become in the future and without them I know life will not be the same.

By the way, I’ve got a bonus for you all! I received an award for Best in Deportment and everyone in the family was so happy and proud about it. Mom and Dad said that I deserved it for I studied hard even though I don’t really understand what it really meant hahaha!

K3’s over now I am off to K4! Challenge accepted, but for now, let me enjoy my vacation first. See you soon guys, I’m over and out :D

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