Look At Me Now

I have such a big appetite that I don’t want o eat on my plate anymore but straight from my mum’s wok!

I love the pancit soooo much that I kept asking for more but mum can’t give me because I ate them all…well not really all, but most of it. I love the taste and excitement of eating stir fried noodles from the pan, just like pancit habhab in Lucban, Quezon. I hope that when we go back home in PI, dad will bring me there to eat habhab on banana leaf as he always say :P

Also, I am very fond of swimming these days, I am not afraid of jumping and playing in the water anymore. I even scare my brother and sister about sharks in the water, hahaha! But of course they’ll just laugh at me and say that it’s all because of my favourite JAWS movie that inspired me of the shark attacks! 1-2-3 JUMP! Love it!

I’m keen on learning how to write as well. Whenever I see my sister doing her homework,  I always make sure that I’m gonna make something too! Doodle on the coloured papers, colour the different photos in the books, of just plain writing whatever I want on my notebook. I feel like a student, just like my siblings :)

Christmas is coming soon…hmmm, I wonder what will I receive from my parents this time – a battery operated big car that I can ride, a slide and swing from little tykes, or maybe a new pink bicycle. I’m excited! Maybe I should be writing Christmas cards to my mom and dad now…or to dear Santa so I can get what I really want :P Sigh. I must ask my Ate and Kuya’s help for this one, I know for sure that they’ll be writing their own Christmas wishes again this year, I’d better keep up with them :)

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