My Dora Themed Birthday Party

I am now two! Hooray! Just what my mom and dad always mention, I am now in my “terrible two” stage. Which means, I am naughtier, smarter, more active, and will give more headache to my parents (kidding).

Today, I celebrated my Dora themed party at BBWorld in Monivong. It’s a fast food chain here in Phnom Penh, famous for their burgers just like what Mc Donalds have. The place is a perfect venue for kids party because they have a big play place, which we love!

So let me tour you to what happened in my party :)

These are my Dora loot bags with lots of goodies inside and my birthday souvenirs – pencil cases and pens.

My Dora cake :)

The games – Longest Happy Birthday, Bring Me, and Trip to Jerusalem.

The food and my visitors.

To all my families and friends, thank you for sharing this special moment with. I am overwhelmed with all the gifts I received today. I am very grateful with all your love that you have given me. To mom and dad, I thank you so much for making my birthday extra, extra special! I owe you big time.

I hope that all of you will be my guide to a great childhood journey. I am two now, yet I still have a long way to go :) Cheers!