Just Updating

It has been an exciting week with my family. Since Papa Jun (Mommy’s daddy) came here, my mornings became more fun and enjoyable. It has been a routine for me, Ate Andrea, Kuya Aaron and Papa Jun to stroll around the town every time we wake. That’s why I always look for my  Papa Jun when I wake up more than mom and dad now (forgive me mom, I have my new favorite now :P)

Anyway, I just wanna update you on how my week pas through :D

– went strolling in the nearby temple, where me and my siblings play around running.

– the nearby creek is what we use for our stone targeting.

– num pang pate (baguette with meat) became our official merienda in the afternoons.

– swimming for almost an hour in my big tumbler is my number one past time.

– I am the number one sumbungera whenever ate and kuya annoys me :P

– kuya and I have these so called mamaso,  it’s a skin irritation that started from small rash  then ended up looking like boils. We don’t know where we got them , but mom’s really doing her best to cure the itchy rashes. We’re taking our antibiotics for fast healing and we use cream to stop it from spreading.

– last, night time is spent for movies, especially movies with lines of sweet things to say to your girlfriend, which makes my kuya giggling all the time, hahaha.

It’s my mom’s last day at school now and then she’ll have her two weeks off. It’ll be my birthday next week, so my parents are preparing all my birthday stuffs. I’m turning two soon and I am excited!!! Till my next update. See yah :-*