I’m So Busy Playing!

Tito Biggie bought me a new set of Lego Zoo the other night, and look I’m having great time playing it! I love the animals so much like the giraffes, hippos, and the tigers. With these kind of toys I am learning more about the animals that we see in the jungle.

This morning mom bought me another set of cooking toys aside from the set I had at Citimart. The new ones are more comfy to play because the stuffs look more realistic! The other toys I have are realistic as well, but these ones are much fun to play (Idunno why) I have the corns, veggies, eggs, pots, tables, and chairs! It makes the play more fun when I’m playing market-market with my Ate Andrea and Kuya Aaron. Plus the fact that mommy likes to buy educational toys for the three of us. She always see to it that we are learning something from the toys we have. Mommy and Daddy were even joking last time when they saw me playing…they said maybe I’ll end up a housemaid when I grow up because I always cook and clean :P Mommy will upload my photos tomorrow because it’s late now and I have to sleep :)

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