Happy Birthday Wowa Deng!

It’s my grand wowa Deng’s birthday today and my dad threw a small Chinese dinner for her honour! Mommy, Ate Andrea, Kuya Aaron, Manang Lucre, and Kuya Biggie savoured the small feast that we had and wished wowa Deng a happy and full of blessings birthday.

Wowa Deng, even you’re on the other half of the world our love for you remains the same. We hope you had a blast on your big day :D I love you!!!

My first haircut!

Mom decided to have my hair trimmed today though I only have a little hair! She said that I always sweat profusely that’s why I always get irritated most of the time. So together with Manang Lucre, we headed to my mom’s fave salon, where she always go every week whenever she wants her nails done.

The salon was full of their patrons when we arrived so we waited for a while till it is our turn. Sitting on the high chair made me a little anxious on what the old lady will do to my hair. What if I suddenly move that she accidentally cut my ear or neck! Oh my! Oh my! But of course I trust my mommy, I know she will not let those horrible things to happen :D

Bong Heng was so nice to be very gentle on cutting my hair while I am behaving well on my chair. The hair tickled me for a while but I am more excited to see how I look so I try to divert my attention on other things. After 10 minutes, the cut is finished but my mom wasn’t able to take a photo because I am desperately asking for milk, don’t worry daddy Pong will be the one in charge for that ;)

To sum up, I look hip with my boy cut hairstyle as it’s way shorter than what mom expected to become, nevertheless she liked it better so she need not to tie them up throughout the day :P peace mommy!