A visit to the doctor

The weather is unbelievably hot these days and it’s giving me a very uncomfortable feeling. Because of it, I got colds and cough which lead to pneumonia as the pediatrician mentioned this morning at the clinic. Mom and dad were advised by the doctor to have me admitted for 48 hours but dad didn’t like the idea of me staying in the clinic plus the fact that they’re using the same medication that I’m already taking, the only difference is that they’ll give me more antibiotics which could be done at home. So, they’ve decided to make a thorough observation for 2 days while I am taking the prescribed medicines (that tastes horrible!) and if there will be no changes, I have to go back to my doctor and stay in the hospital for more observation.

I pray to God that He will guide me more and that He will take my colds and cough away. I don’t want mom and dad to worry much about me. I hope I will get well soon.

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