So what’s the latest updates?

i am exactly 1 year 7 months now and there are so many things that changed, from the way i walk to the way i talk.

every morning when i wake up, i do my roll call routine – calling mommy, daddy, ate, eyon, and manang. i see to it that i mention their names just to check where they are. most of the time mom, ate, and eyon were already at school, so sometimes i don’t get a chance to say bye bye to them or even kiss them before they leave.

my mornings are always full of fun, though i am left with manang lucre, she sees to it that i get everything i need. i also love playing with daddy before he leaves for the office. now that i am bigger, i can do more things like annoying other kids especially when they don’t wanna play with me (i run after them and make them cry), mess my toys, play with cotton buds, wear bigger shoes and slippers, copy whatever my family says like “adik ka” hahaha, open the fridge and drink fresh milk straight from the carton (i see this from the teli), open the fridge and get whatever food i can eat, take mom’s pots and pans so i can play in the kitchen, sing in front of the electric fan, play with my toy gun and shoot everybody “beng!! patay”, welcome mommy and daddy when they get home (i normally offer a hand and help them with whatever they carry, nice girl ey!) and many many more!

when i take a bath, i always turn on the shower so that manang lucre will get wet and then she will get angry with me, i love it!!! you have to see her face whenever i tease her, hahaha! she’s really funny! sometimes when i don’t like the food, i try to run around so they will stop calling me to eat. my ate and kuya are my constant playmates and they are most of the time beaten by me, especially when playing DS. i have to be the first or else i will cry and mommy will be mad at them, so they always give way for me.

i think my journey in life is very exciting…i have wonderful mom and dad, fantastic siblings, and adorable nanny. with them my journey becomes easy to deal with…i may be naughty most of the times but that’s part of being a baby and i am taking advantage of it :P i know and i am sure that sooner or later mom and dad will give me a good disciplining if i behave inappropriately. for now all i have to do is enjoy being a baby!!!


Your parents, they give you your life, but then they try to give your their life.”

It’s me and my tito Nico opposites from the original photo taken in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last November. Aren’t we cute in each others body? hahaha! I bet tito Nico laughed when he saw this!

Special thanks to Tito Biggie for the wonderfully edited pic!