Goodbye Manila, Hello Kuala Lumpur!

I don’t like goodbyes because they make me feel sad but as I grow bigger, I think it’s important for me to learn how to cope up or else I will be sad all the time.

My family left Cavite City early today because we need to be at the airport by at least 8pm. Before we proceeded with our travel, we went to Lola Juling’s house first to say goodbye, she kissed and hugged me as a sign that she will miss me, too when I am gone. Mama Yolly and the rest of my Yarza family went to the house as well. They’d want me to stay longer but mom is already missing me terribly and she wants me to go home.

Since we came early at the airport, I played with my Tita Nica, Cheska, Ate Bunggay, Tita Nhiay and the rest while waiting for the departure. I even played with other people in the lounge and they were very keen on me. They said I am so cute :P Then, it’s time for us to fly.

Kuala Lumpur – I woke up in a different place already. It’s still dark when we arrived so we headed straight to our booked hotel. We only have 2 days to stay here, so we wanted to make the most out of it! Yeah, I did a lot of sleeping that’s why we weren’t able to visit many places. We went to Menara Tower – the world’s 4th tallest telecommunication tower and then off we went to the twin towers of Petronas. We also visited Suria where I found plenty of jewellery shops! You heard me right, jewellery shops took my attention more than the toys! Hahaha!

Dad & Tito Nico felt more of India than Malaysia because the country has a lot of Indians. They also devoured themselves with tonnes of Indian foods and I am very sure that they’ve satisfied their cravings!

I am making my own countdown till I get back to Phnom Penh and I am missing my mom, ate and kuya very much. I can’t wait to see them but for now, I will enjoy first my short stay here in Malaysia.