Dinner time

My daddy decided to throw a small dinner party with the whole family and some of his closest friends so they could have a chance to catch up with one another and bid goodbye as we are leaving for Malaysia tomorrow night.

eating time!

We dined out at Aurora’s, one of our favourite restaurants in town because they serve really nice foods like Pancit Malabon, Tacos, and a lot lot more! It’s was a pleasure for me to see my dad’s friends again, most of them I have met already on my Christian dedication last July 25 at Amy’s Resort. After eating and chit-chat, everybody gave their best wishes to us and hopes that we are gonna be back soon. I am too full now; it’s time for me to sleep everybody. Goodnight!

The Best 3 Months!

No words can describe how lucky I am to spend the past three months with my dear family in the Philippines. I have to say that it’s one of my best experiences and I am truly grateful to be with all of them, despite the fact that mom and dad misses me so much as they are staying in Phnom Penh.

For the past months that I stayed in Cavite City, I’ve learnt a lot, many new things that amazed me with great satisfaction and I loved it!

Now time has come for me to say goodbye. Yes, it is time for me to go home and be with my family back in Cambodia, back to my mom, dad, ate and kuya’s arms. And though it breaks my heart to bid farewell to my Cavite City family, deep inside I have this fact that no matter how far we are to one another, the thoughts and love will always be there.

My Lagaya Family

Wowo Nick – thank you for the best mornings that we spent together. The morning walks at PN, the afternoon get away to Lola Juling’s house and to many more ‘pasyal‘ that you did for me. Thank you for being so patient in teaching me how to walk, now I can run and it’s all because of you. I will always be your little princess and I promise you that the lessons you have taught will never be forgotten. You will be one of my great pillars till the end of time. I love you wowo!

Wowa Deng – you are my great teacher! Thank you for the never ending sing and dance lessons that you shared with me. Thank you for being my bath companion in the mornings. Thank you for making delicious foods everyday and thank you for giving me all the nice stuffs that I wear from head to toe. I will miss you wowa!

Tita Nica – my best buddy! I will miss sleeping with you :( I have to admit that you have planted great wisdom in me with all the counting, singing and playtime we shared together. You never got tired of me and you have showed me great love and care in everything I do. I know when we meet again, I will be bigger and wiser but nevertheless, I will always be your little Aiken!

Tito Nyol – my dear photographer! How lucky am I to have you in all of my ‘kalokohan‘ and photo ventures! Everyday I get a good shot from you and I love all of them.

My Yarza Family

Mamita & Papa Jun – the best bakers! I may not be able to spend most of my time with you because of your busy schedules but you are both dear to me. You always make me feel special whenever I am at your house. I will miss you and all of your wonderful dogs! Thanks for the joyrides on your big benz :P

Tita Chele & Tito Ichie – thanks for all the attention and love! the time spent with you is not very long but all of them are worth remembering. I am always looking forward to our camwhoring sessions where I can display my wacky poses :D

Tita Inah & Tito Benok – the cool dudes in the house! I love you both for being so funny every time I’m with you and to my tita Inah, I will miss your breads when I get back to Phnom Penh, I wish to bring some when I leave :P

Ala – you are my best ever cuz! I will cherish our bonding moments especially our milk sharing – you taste mine, I taste yours! Everybody thinks we are twins and I am enjoying it. I hope that you’ll stay a happy baby like me and do not get too fat or else you will look like a turtle :P I love you Ala!


Cheska – my BFF! I will miss our afternoon play times where I get to squeeze you and make you cry, hahaha! You have to know that those were jokes only. I hope to see you soon.

I am very blessed and thankful for all the things I have in life. I will be leaving for Kuala Lumpur on the night of Oct. 31, will stay there for 2 days with dad and tito Nyol then on the 2nd of Nov. I will be flying to Phnom Penh where my mom will pick us up. I still have 2 more days before I finally say goodbye, so better use it wisely together with my family… I love you all!