Typhoon Ondoy – Signal #1

It’s raining hard in our town and I am outside a while ago to play with my tito Nyol under the rain.

Typhoon Onyong

Look at me, I am in the middle of the road enjoying the flood :P

Typhoon Onyong

Kick ’em all, yippeee!


I even swam for a moment :D

It’s fun though I know it’s not good when there’s flood. People could get sick but not me :P

I hope that everybody is safe. I heard that in Manila the roads are flooded up to the necks of some people. The government has declared a state calamity and they are now doing their best to help the stranded civilians. Tomorrow is another day, thus let us say a little prayer that typhoon Ondoy will go far and leave the country soon. I want to see the sun again.

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