Baby China

Do I look like Chinese now? :D

bebe tsina

I’ve got new clothes from my Wowa Deng yesterday. She and Tita Nica went shopping at SM Manila after their thingy at the University of Sto. Thomas. Wowa bought so much for me and I am very thankful for all of them.

My Wowa has good taste in clothes and of course she chose the cutest for me. I have a new sweater that I can use when it gets cold, a witch costume for Halloween, Chinese dress like what I wore on the photo and many more.

I have a schedule of photo shoots this week, showing all of my new collections, so watch out ;)

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Sidecar Baby

sidecar baby

This morning I went to the market with my Wowo Nick and on our way we rode my favourite sidecar :) From the photo you can see how much I enjoy riding it and I love lying while it’s moving :P

I treasure my bonding moments with my wowo. I will surely miss him when I go back to Cambodia. I will not be able to ride sidecar with him anymore. But I do not need to worry because my tito Nico will be the one to bring me to places next time.

For now, wowo let’s go to the kitchen and hit the cooking :D