The Little Ballerina


I ain’t no ninja here, I am my family’s little ballerina :D I look really cute in my Tita Nica’s old leotards. She used this when she was still young like me. Wowa Deng has enrolled her into ballet lessons before and no wonder I am inheriting her talents. I can also do the pirouettes like a professional ballerina :P

I woke up early today to play, most of the days I am at my amiga Cheska’s house at Sea Breeze playing with her. Sometime we do wrestling and she always end up beaten and crying :D But do not worry, we’re just playing and I really don’t intend to hurt her :D I like her and we’re best of friends :)

I’ve been busy with many things like learning, exercising and playing that’s why I am mostly tired when I get home but it doesn’t matter, because wowo and wowa are taking care of me so much. My tita Nica is my partner in crime at all times, so do not be surprised if you see new tricks from me. Tito Nico is my official photographer and he shoots me everyday. I am his project 365 :D

I miss my family in Cambodia. Soon I will be going back there to be with my mom, dad, ate and kuya but of course I will miss my family here in Philippines as well. I love them all and they make my childhood life exciting and the best!

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