Kids Baseball

Children are one of the most easy to influence in terms of sports. They tend to follow the trend based on their environment and baseball is one of the sports that boys get inclined to. Little children are like sponges that absorb details quickly. No wonder they are very easy to teach.


You will be delighted when you see their faces lit up whenever a new trick or technique is being taught to them. Sometimes letting them watch their idols make a great impact on their outlook in sports. Their idols serves as their pillar and inspiration to be good on their chosen game.

Our parents are our number one fans when we play and show off our skills to others. Their support is never ending and you will see this obviously with the kind of equipments they buy for you. They normally visit shops that have baseball equipment for sale like shoes, bats, helmets and gloves. For them it gives good impression when you use quality equipments hen playing :)

Cheap Textbooks

Studying is never easy and it often bring a lot of hardships to every student. Well, I guess it is normal for everybody to feel this way especially when you are very much dedicated to your studies. There will be times where you can’t sleep at night because you are very much worried about your exams and reviewing lessons are sometimes painful.

Getting good grades and being the top of the class is the fruit of your labour. After many sleepless nights, your efforts are now rewarded and you can reap the sweet honour that you get from your class and love ones.

Furthermore, relying with quality used textbooks and other resources can make your studies easier. You do not need to spend more money when you can buy second hand textbooks. Not only you can save big time but this will give you a chance to buy your other priorities in life.

Enjoy school and enjoy student life :) cheers!

Irresistable Smiles

It is always fascinating to maintain a good set of teeth beginning from a young age. Not only it will give you confidence but smiles will come out more natural and beautiful.

There are many ways to protect your teeth. Read the important steps you need to follow to achieve irresistible smiles.

1. Brush regularly. At least 3 times a day or after every meal.

2. Use toothpaste rich in flouride.

3. Visit your dentist twice a year.

4. Avoid eating foods that are too sweet.

5. Drink more milk regularly. Milk is rich in calcium which is good for our bones and teeth.

6. Use floss regularly.

Following the above steps, will surely help you to look more friendly. If ever, you experienced any toothache, visit the Children’s orthodontics in San Diego CA, they have kid-friendly facilities that will be loved by kids. The staffs are accommodating and they make you feel at ease when you are already feeling scared. So do not worry, they will take good care of you :)

Typhoon Ondoy – Signal #1

It’s raining hard in our town and I am outside a while ago to play with my tito Nyol under the rain.

Typhoon Onyong

Look at me, I am in the middle of the road enjoying the flood :P

Typhoon Onyong

Kick ’em all, yippeee!


I even swam for a moment :D

It’s fun though I know it’s not good when there’s flood. People could get sick but not me :P

I hope that everybody is safe. I heard that in Manila the roads are flooded up to the necks of some people. The government has declared a state calamity and they are now doing their best to help the stranded civilians. Tomorrow is another day, thus let us say a little prayer that typhoon Ondoy will go far and leave the country soon. I want to see the sun again.

Baby China

Do I look like Chinese now? :D

bebe tsina

I’ve got new clothes from my Wowa Deng yesterday. She and Tita Nica went shopping at SM Manila after their thingy at the University of Sto. Thomas. Wowa bought so much for me and I am very thankful for all of them.

My Wowa has good taste in clothes and of course she chose the cutest for me. I have a new sweater that I can use when it gets cold, a witch costume for Halloween, Chinese dress like what I wore on the photo and many more.

I have a schedule of photo shoots this week, showing all of my new collections, so watch out ;)

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Sidecar Baby

sidecar baby

This morning I went to the market with my Wowo Nick and on our way we rode my favourite sidecar :) From the photo you can see how much I enjoy riding it and I love lying while it’s moving :P

I treasure my bonding moments with my wowo. I will surely miss him when I go back to Cambodia. I will not be able to ride sidecar with him anymore. But I do not need to worry because my tito Nico will be the one to bring me to places next time.

For now, wowo let’s go to the kitchen and hit the cooking :D

The Little Ballerina


I ain’t no ninja here, I am my family’s little ballerina :D I look really cute in my Tita Nica’s old leotards. She used this when she was still young like me. Wowa Deng has enrolled her into ballet lessons before and no wonder I am inheriting her talents. I can also do the pirouettes like a professional ballerina :P

I woke up early today to play, most of the days I am at my amiga Cheska’s house at Sea Breeze playing with her. Sometime we do wrestling and she always end up beaten and crying :D But do not worry, we’re just playing and I really don’t intend to hurt her :D I like her and we’re best of friends :)

I’ve been busy with many things like learning, exercising and playing that’s why I am mostly tired when I get home but it doesn’t matter, because wowo and wowa are taking care of me so much. My tita Nica is my partner in crime at all times, so do not be surprised if you see new tricks from me. Tito Nico is my official photographer and he shoots me everyday. I am his project 365 :D

I miss my family in Cambodia. Soon I will be going back there to be with my mom, dad, ate and kuya but of course I will miss my family here in Philippines as well. I love them all and they make my childhood life exciting and the best!