Future Drifter of R. Palma

kyle aiken the driver

I lurve my motorcyle from my Ate Andrea!!! She wasn’t able to use this much because she is already in Cambodia so I am now the one to play it. Mamita brought this motorcycle at the house because she learned that I love riding motorcycles. She knew I would be happy to have this and YES  I am very much happy to be the new owner :D

kyle aiken checking tire

I even check the tire once in a while to see if it’s ok :P

kyle aiken the mechanic

I am sure that when I grow up, motorcycles will be one of my interest, just like my parents :P

My New Playmate

Wowo Nick bought me a new playmate :) It’s a pink ‘sisiw’ or chick :P He thrills me whenever I get a chance to touch him and it’s really cute!!! I just hope he won’t die easily though I get to squeeze him most of the time :D

My sisiw

we are close!

In a pail so he won't escape me