It’s My Pool Party!

It’s my birthday celebration and Christian dedication :D

the first family

My family threw a Winnie the Pooh themed party at Amy’s Resort today where 150 of closest friends and families attended. I started my day early where Ninong Jeff and Ninang Beth had a photo shoot with me playing in our room. I was too playful and happy that they keep on asking me to stay put as they can’t get a nice shot. What can I do, I am just too excited to go on my party :P


my cake

At 11:30am, we headed to the resort to welcome our guests. Tita Chele and family came first (they too were all excited to have fun in my party:P). Soon after, the place became crowded with guests.To ensure that we will be able to remember everybody, we gave them pooh name tags that comes in 9 different designs. Mommy and Wowa Deng were the ones in-charge of the registration and and Tita Nica is our official usherette. Tito Nico, Ninang Beth, Ninong Jeff, Tito Ramsey were my astig photographers while Tito Benok is sometimes my nanny when I feel bored already.

with tito nico

with tita chele

Tita Nica & Tita Nhiay

Listening to Pastor Danny

The clock hit 12:30 and Pastor Danny of Day by Day Ministries officiated the dedication. He gave inspirational thoughts for everybody to ponder. Afterward, it’s eating time!!! There’s plenty of food for the guests and I know they loved what we’ve served them. Children and oldies also enjoyed the ice cream stand that we have (my mommy loved the mango & avocado flavoured ice cream that manong had, I saw her coming back & forth for her share :P.

Manong Sorbetero

Mom also prepared kiddie games like the old fashioned pukpuk palayok, agaw bitin, pin the ear of the elephant, and longest happy birthday. The children enjoyed playing as the fabulous prizes awaits them. Young & old also had fun in the pool! With my pink bikini I splashed into the water with my family. I never get tired of playing and swimming. I wonder if I will be like Michael Phelps when I grow up :P


5pm came and soon the guests one by one bid farewell. To make sure that they will remember my birthday, we prepared some goodies for them – Pooh & friends figurine, Pooh loot bags, balloons for the kids, special choco krinkles, cheese breads and tarts.

Winnie the Pooh souvenir

Pooh loot bags

Happy Family

I had fun today and I owe this to my wonderful family. Special thanks to my Wowa Deng for making every single detail possible. You are a superb event organizer ;) Thank you to my Daddy Pong for the extravagant tarpaulin with my faces on it. Thank you to my Wowo Nick for assisting with the set up. Many thanks to my Boss Jun, Mamita Yolly, Tita Inah and Tito Bhenok for my delicious cheese breads. To all my Ninongs and Ninangs, many many thanks to all your generous gifts. To all the kids and guests who attended my party, I hope to see you soon.

Once again, okun charan, xin cam on, kamsahamnida, xie xie, merci, thank you and maraming salamat for making my birthday worth remembering, mwah mwah mwah!

For complete pictures on my birthday, please visit my multiply account.