Just Playing

What’s the best part of being a baby? You only play all day and cry when hungry :P


aiken in a bag

Gustung gusto ko dito sa loob ng trolley bag ni ate Andrea lalo na pag tinutulak nila ako ng mabilis. Yippeeee!!!

My favorite playmate

Si ate Andrea and the best taga tulak at taga habol ko pag naglalaro kami…lagi syang nakikipagkulitan sa kin :D

Give me my milk!

Ito ang pinaka gusto kong laro – hilahan ng dodo. Sila ate Andrea at kuya Aaron andun sa taas, sa may kwarto nila tapos ako andun sa sofa, meron silang mahabang tali then nakakabit dun un dodo ko, hihilahin ko un tapos mag aagawan kami, enjoy na enjoy ako pag ganun ang laro namin, hihihi

I can't sleep

Getting clean

And when night comes na inde pa din ako makatulog, makikipaglaro naman ako kina mommy at daddy kahit na alam kong antok na antok na sila. Wala naman silang choice eh kundi makipaglaro sa kin :P ang naughty ko no :P

videos galore

I have a lot of videos and only now that mommy’s uploading ’em in youtube and multiply. I enjoy watching myself on screen, I look cute and funny especially in this one:

For more vids, you can watch here.

10 Big Steps

I made it! I made it! 10 big steps on my own, yiheeeee!!!!

Mom thought I will be walking later than 12 months as I am always carried and afraid to walk alone but she was mistaken :P Yesterday, I finally walked on my own though I still can’t do it straight and I still keep on falling but who cares! Every baby has been in this stage and I am one of  ’em :D

Mom and dad’s so proud when they saw me and my bro and sis keep shouting ‘Go Aiken go, kaya mo yan’ while Manang Lucre is smiling brightly!

’twas an achievement for me and I can’t wait to stroll by myself para takasan ang mommy at daddy ko ;)