My First Tooth

After being sick for almost two weeks, I am now feeling better though my face and body are still red because of my response to antibiotic. Mommy is a bit worried, thinking I might have measles but luckily I don’t.

I can play now and put more smile on my face whenever my family make tricks for me. Also, I am starting to gain appetite hoping I’ll recover (soon) the 1.4 kilos I’ve lost for the past days :-)

goofing :P

And since I am announcing the good news of feeling better, I am proud to share that my first tooth finally came out. It’s the 2nd incisor above :-) Manang Lucre was puzzled why it came first but she’s more happy at least it’s worth the pain I’ve suffered. Mom and Dad promised we’ll go out once I am fully recovered, can’t wait to go to KFC for some fries, yippeeee!!!!


I am not feeling well

sick baby

I am still sick like a horse. It’s been a week now since I started diarrhea and vomiting. Mom though I might have some viral infections in my tummy, dad thought of teething but more worried as I am non stop vomiting. They brought me to my pediatrician the other day but she didn’t insist on stool exam as there a little chance of having a positive result so she gave me antibiotics instead to treat the infection I am suffering.

I can’t eat well these days :-( I can’t play well as I am very sensitive with my health conditions. Dad bought more food for me so I will get well soon. Apple sauce, apple juice, ripe banana, gatorade are some of what I have in the fridge so I can gain back the energy I lost whenever I finished a bout of diarrhea.

I miss playing now and taking bath longer. I hope I will be better soon.