Turning Chinese

I have been every where these past days that’s why I wasn’t able to blog much…forgive me for this blogging hiatus of mine :-) (baby pa lang alam na ang hiatus no!)

Two weeks ago we watched the boat race at the riverside during the water festival where millions of people attended. It was fun to see all the colourful boats racing in the water.I think there were more than 400 boats who joined in the festival.

My family also took this chance to get together and roam around the busy streets. We went to their tiangges here in Phnom Penh and small carnival where I experienced my first carnival ride :-) It’s very exciting that I don’t want to go down anymore :-D

Christmas is coming very soon, at this point I am already thinking what to ask mom and dad for a gift. I hope they will give me something nice for my first Christmas.

I am going to eat my breakfast now, till my next post again :-)