chocolatey friday

Sleep, eat, play and malling. That’s what kept my schedule busy these past days. I was sooo occupied I don’t have time to update my post :)

Well, I am one lucky baby here…my parents brought me and the whole family at Hotel InterCon today to try the Chocolate Buffet!!! There’s so many different varieties of chocolate – cakes, tortes, pies, ice creams and many more! It’s like heaven for chocolate lovers but a bit dangerous for people who have diabetes. I wasn’t able to try them, you know, I am still small but to be there with my family is cloud nine for me already! I hope I’ll grow up soon, so I can taste how delicious the foods around me ;)


2 thoughts on “chocolatey friday

  1. Hey, baby girl!:d/
    with the great big smile:)
    and cute lil dark brown eyes8-|
    dressed all in pink
    I like your style…:-\
    matching ribbons
    buttons and bows
    you are just as beautiful
    as an angel…:x:-\

    Kisses & hugs from :
    Tito Jaypee, Belgium:)>-

  2. Hello tito Jaypee,

    i am really an angel that’s what they said. i feel loved by everybody around me and it makes me feel happy! i hope to see you soon tito Jaypee!!

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