hey i am bigger now!

everyone noticed that im bigger and heavier now! tito nico said my fingers look like chorizo and my dad keeps on poking my chin, hahaha! well, you know guys, it doesn’t bother me! i love how i look and i love my baby fats…it only mean one thing, i am well fed and well loved, eyt? i am going to chop my blog short because i am busy growing more baby fats, so i will greet my mom and dad a belated happy anniversary and belated happy birthday to my wowo nick & kuya aaron and last happy birthday to my papa jun. sorry guys the greeting’s late :)

chocolatey friday

Sleep, eat, play and malling. That’s what kept my schedule busy these past days. I was sooo occupied I don’t have time to update my post :)

Well, I am one lucky baby here…my parents brought me and the whole family at Hotel InterCon today to try the Chocolate Buffet!!! There’s so many different varieties of chocolate – cakes, tortes, pies, ice creams and many more! It’s like heaven for chocolate lovers but a bit dangerous for people who have diabetes. I wasn’t able to try them, you know, I am still small but to be there with my family is cloud nine for me already! I hope I’ll grow up soon, so I can taste how delicious the foods around me ;)