Tita Manel’s Birthday Party!

It’s my tita Manel’s BIG DAY today!!! She’s celebrating her birthday and I got the chance to be there, woot woot :D there’s a lot of food but I can’t eat them yet :( (di bale paglaki ko, babawi ako ;)) Mama Yolly and Papa Jun paid a visit as well. They brought me a swing which I can use for sleeping :)

Everybody is so fond of me. It feel so warm that they’re all there for me and my parents, I hope I’ll be able to see my Mama Deng and the rest of my aunts and uncle in the Philippines soon. I know they would love to kiss and cuddle me – kaya nga they’re asking my Lolo Nick to bring me home but my Mom and Dad won’t allow because they’ll miss me!

It’s time for my bath now…