Whatta Weekend!

I celebrated my first month as a baby yesterday as I said the other day on my blog and it was great!!! My Mom and Dad’s colleagues, close friends and Ate Roma’s family attended my party which is collaborated with Ate Mheann’s birthday as well. Mom and Dad dressed me well and changed my clothes frequently like a model. Truly, I am the star of the party! They hugged and kissed me throughout the event and it was fun :P I have never been with many people like what happened yesterday… It was noisy because of the non-stop chit chat but it didn’t bother me. I love the talks that I am hearing that I attentively listen to their voices even though I don’t understand them well.

And today is vaccine day. We went to the hospital to meet my pedia and have my second shot of Hepa B vaccine. It hurts but I didn’t cry much like the others – strong ‘eh! I guess it’s because Mom and Dad is around so I don’t need to worry much :) After the vaccine we went malling. It’s also my first time and I like it weeeeee!!!! I hope we will do it more often as I want to spend more quality time with you Mommy and Daddy :D


You’re invited!!!

I am celebrating my 1st month as a baby tomorrow and you’re all invited!!! Mom and Dad will have a small dinner party for me together with some close friends, where they’ll be able to see and hug me, woot woot!!!

By the way, I am a proud Filipino citizen by  today as I already have my passport and now registered in the Philippines :D This mean that I can now travel with my parents where ever they will go, yahooo!!! and last I received my first toy today – a colorful musician’s instruments from Mom and Dad, I am not able to play with them yet but I am enjoying it’s sound and colors! I am pretty excited for my party tomorrow, I wonder what will I wear????



Mommy’s back to work now so I am always with Manang Lucre, Ate Andrea and Kuya Aaron. I only get to see Mom and Dad during lunchbreak and when they get home at night after office hours but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have time for me anymore. They always make sure that I am well taken care of and loved. My Mama Yolly saw me on webcam last night and said I look fatter, I think it’s because I drink a lot of milk now a days :P I will be 1 month soon, I wonder if my parents will give me something as a token to remember :-)



I’m a Song Collector

Dad was so  thrilled upon my arrival that when Mom told him to download chilren’s songs, he downloaded almost 700 for me :D I got the complete Baby Einstein Albums, the classic Disney Music and even Tagalog all time favorite kiddie songs!!! They’re playing it to me when they want me to sleep and when I am playing. But what my Dad doesn’t know is that, I like “Bright Lights” by Billy Crawford above all the songs he got for me :P



It’s a Good Day!

My navel is off this morning when Mom checked my nappy. She was so delighted because my Wowo Nick whose leaving tonight to Philippines will be able to bring it home :)

I will miss my dear Wowo Nick :( he’s the one who always tour me inside the kitchen and will tell me what kind of stuffs we have in there…he said I could be a dietician like my Mama Deng when I grow up, well, it’s too early to know yet. We’ll see what the future will bring for me :)

Wowo Nick, have a safe trip back to Philippines, please hug my aunts and uncle for me and give my Mama Deng a big kiss :-* I am looking forward to see you all soon. I love you >:D<


Tita Manel’s Birthday Party!

It’s my tita Manel’s BIG DAY today!!! She’s celebrating her birthday and I got the chance to be there, woot woot :D there’s a lot of food but I can’t eat them yet :( (di bale paglaki ko, babawi ako ;)) Mama Yolly and Papa Jun paid a visit as well. They brought me a swing which I can use for sleeping :)

Everybody is so fond of me. It feel so warm that they’re all there for me and my parents, I hope I’ll be able to see my Mama Deng and the rest of my aunts and uncle in the Philippines soon. I know they would love to kiss and cuddle me – kaya nga they’re asking my Lolo Nick to bring me home but my Mom and Dad won’t allow because they’ll miss me!

It’s time for my bath now…


First Mani and Pedi!

Mom cut my nails today :D and kept it as a souvenir!!!

I also went to my parents office to meet their big bosses and visit Daddy…I met Ms. Margaret and she gave me a warm hug :D she is very nice! Boss Doug is in the office as well, gee he’s so big that he got scared to carry me, he might squeeze me he said :( Boss Doug don’t have any child yet so he doesn’t know how it feels to be like a dad. I wonder when Ms. Ash and him will have an angel like me :-?