i have colds :-(

it’s been 2 days now that i am suffering from colds and diaper rashes :( it’s difficult to breathe and my big ass is also painful when it gets wet, huhuhu! mom and dad bought medicines for me so i’ll be ok soon. last night, daddy sucked my nose to make my breathing easier…kinda disgusting as you might imagine but actually it’s a relief :-D


I am Heaven Sent!!!

Hi everyone! welcome to my cute lil blog. Thanks to my mom and dad, I can show you how it’s like to be a beautiful baby.  And so to start, let me story tell how it all started…

In the Womb

I am always special since Mommy and Daddy learnt that they’re going to have a baby. The first trimester for mommy was so difficult. She couldn’t eat and drink well, that’s why she lost weight :( She craves for foods that she cannot eat – like sushi and sashimi! I know how she would love to have even a taste but she didn’t eat, because it won’t be good for my health. Mom and Dad goes to see the doctor on time, to check if I am doing well. The doctor would check my heartbeat and how long am I at that moment inside Mommy’s tummy. On the second trimester, the OB GYN told my parents that they’re going to have a baby boy. They got very excited and cannot wait to see how handsome am I. They always imagine how and who will I look like. The whole nine months in the dark was fantastic to me. Even though I don’t get to see how beautiful the outside world is, I know and I can feel how loving and caring are the people whose waiting for me to arrive, so I don’t worry much.

July 23 – My Birthday!

Delivery: It was Wednesday, July 23, 2008 at 6.30am when Mom woke up to pee, to her surprise, she made a loud voice upon seeing the red stain on her undies. She told Daddy of what she saw and immediately prepare herself to go the hospital. At 9am, Mom’s doctor told her that she’s 3cm open but not fully yet so we still have to wait for an hour before they give Mom any medicine. Daddy was on the other bed playing his psp while Mommy is enduring all the contractions that I am giving her. My groovy Lolo Nick who is staying with my parents for a short vacation was so anxious to know all the updates happening while we’re at the hospital. So, every now and then, Dad will send a message and keeps him informed. 2pm came, the pain became worse, I can hear Mommy’s crying quietly, thank goodness her nurses are very attentive and they’re helping her to ease the pain. 3.20 pm the moment of truth came, I am out of the world – HOORAY!!! I am 6.8lbs and 41cm long..pretty heavy eh! I have a luminous white skin from my Mom and a small distinct nose from my Dad :P

Recovery: While me and my mom spent the entire time resting, t’was around 6PM when I can hear voices in our room – It’s my visitors! Yippee! My lolo groovy, my tito and my tita, my Mom and Dad’s colleagues went to see me :P

July 24

I had my first bath from my nurses… I cried loud because the water felt cold for me :( it’s refreshing though after the shower. Kuya Aaron was there to play and to feed me milk. Too bad daddy wasn’t around – he went home to rest as i kept him awake as early as 1am last night : we did some pictorial, where the results are AWESOME!!!

July 25

I finally went home with my first tuktuk ride…my parents weren’t able to get a taxi because my groovy Lolo already called Manong Pu and it was fun! By the way, before going home, I got my first 2 vaccines which made me cry a lot :-( it’s painful you know!!! Bad bad nurses :-( When we arrived, I received a basket of presents from Doug, my parents’ big boss in the O.

I am 3 days old now and I have more things to share with you in this wonderful journey I have with my beautiful family.

That’s all for now everyone, I have to catch more sleep!