Goodbye K3, Hello K4

Mom and Dad always tell me that school is fun and if things get a little bit hard, I shall take them as challenges and never give up. Now, one year had passed and looking back to what I have done, I’d say I enjoyed school a lot.

First, I was able to build up my self confidence and managed to make new friends. Even though we’re from different races – most of them are Khmer – we still feel united in so many things. We play, sing songs, and even share our snacks with one another. When the teacher is out, we shout and run around the room making our TAs shout hahaha! It really is fun!

Next, I was able to explore the world of learning for the very first time. Who said phonics is hard? Oh well, I aced it and now Mommy is so happy to teach me the CVC’s for I have learned by heart all the sounds of the letters in the alphabet. I have learned how to count too! I can count now till 100, can you believe that! I learned to write and blend colors at school too which makes my downtime interesting because now I can do something aside from playing.

Last, I have learned to value all the efforts given by my teacher and parents. They are my pillars for what and who will I become in the future and without them I know life will not be the same.

By the way, I’ve got a bonus for you all! I received an award for Best in Deportment and everyone in the family was so happy and proud about it. Mom and Dad said that I deserved it for I studied hard even though I don’t really understand what it really meant hahaha!

K3’s over now I am off to K4! Challenge accepted, but for now, let me enjoy my vacation first. See you soon guys, I’m over and out :D

Sihanoukville Beach Experience

This year, my family celebrated Khmer New Year at the beach. It’s my first time and I really had so much fun playing with my brother and sister.

I love the water at Sokha Beach. It's much clearer and there are plenty of fish under.

I love riding jet ski. My dad drove fast that the water splashed on my face, it's very exciting!

My siblings and I played many games. I love this one because we buried my brother under the sand :P

Do you see the big ball behind? It's an inflatable to be brought in the middle of the sea. I really want to try it but mom and dad won't allow me.


Building my very first sand castle :-)

I also enjoyed the waves with my parents

Let's play the sand and find clams!!!

Daddy's lil' girl is now ready to explore the beach

The pool's water is warm and nice. I gave great fun swimming in it.

Mom promised that we’ll come back here after my school in June. I am really hoping that we will stay longer next time as I love the water and the place. Looking at all the photos my dad has taken, I cannot take away the smile on my face. What a wonderful experience to travel and at the same time bond with my whole family. I love you Aommy. I love you Daddy. Thanks for being nice parents to me and my dear ate and kuya. Thank you for always bringing us to many good places.

Till my next adventure post peeps!

Cake Decoration Day

There is no better way to learn more about healthy foods than decorating your own cake.

It is nutrition month in our school, so little kids like me have an opportunity to be creative in making a chocolate cake look more appetizing and delicious. With my little classmates’ help, all of us took lead in grabbing our fresh fruits and lining them up around our canvass. Slices of apples, nuts, oranges, and grapes are our  healthy decore. After 15 minutes of playing, we’re finally done with our masterpiece :)

I really enjoyed this activity. Thank you Teacher Era for baking the cake. Thank you mom and dad for buying the fruits. Until my next post, buddies! Bye :)

Aiken School Girl

The next best thing after being a spoiled and cute baby is to have the opportunity to attend school. Yeah, you heard it right, I’m officially a school girl now :) I know it’s quite a late post, but pardon me for I’ve been busy with my school works. Yah know, the ABCs and the 123s are really tough to study, hahaha

So, how’s been school like? It’s PERFECT! My classmates are all Khmer and they’re wonderful. I also have the best teacher in the world! Her name is Teacher Era and she’s  from Philippines. I really like her a lot because she always tag me along where ever she goes, well except the toilet, of course.

Friday is our TV day and she let’s us watch Barney’s, now I like to sing his favorite song, and it goes like this “I love you, you love me, we are one happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won’t you say you love me too.”

School is so much fun and I love it. It’s kinda hard though at start but I’m now used to it, especially when dad wakes me up in the morning. Sometimes I still want to sleep but dad will always tickle me so I’d wake up. He’s so adorable! Mom on the other side is the one that prepares my snacks. She ensures that I have healthy and yummy snacks everyday and so with my ate and kuya.

Oh well, that’s all for now. I’ll keep you posted on my next post. Till then :)

First Visit to the Dentist

It was my first time to go to the dentist before we left Philippines and my mom was so happy because I didn’t get scared :D

Dr. Francisco was really good and he took care of my teeth :) He cleaned them and advised my mom what to do to keep my teeth healthy and strong.

And he said that I have to continue taking good care of my milk teeth to avoid having cavities on them. Whew! Dentists are never scary at all.

My mom told me that babies like me should visit the dentist at least twice a year and this goes too for adults out there. In US, most dental clinics offer dental plans for different dental needs, which I think is perfect , however we don’t have such plans here in Cambodia.

Having a good set of teeth is really important. Imagine life without them – BORING.


Meet Hyangmi, our family’s newest addition ;)

Hyangmi is my newest playmate.

I love to walk and run with her in the house.

Whenever I eat she eats too.

She doesn’t bark and bite other people.

She loves kimchi and rice.

Hyangmi brings happiness in the house,

Because of her I learned to love dogs,

And now we are best friends :D


How Sweet

just before sleeping last night…

Aiken: I love you Mommy!

Joyce: I love you Aiken!

Aiken: I love you Mommy!

Joyce: I love you Aiken!

And on we went for 5 minutes exchanging I love you to each other until I fell asleep :P


This is how I ball

Baby baller that’s what they call me, coined after my dad’s fascination to paintball. I’m all geared up from head to toe and I’m ready to shoot some balls!


Since dad started playing paintball , he has dreamed of getting my siblings and I a complete set of paintball pants, jersey, and headgears. So today, the most awaited box finally arrived from my grannies in the US, where it contains my mom’s Spyder marker, DYE jerseys, shirts and caps, loads of goggles for dad, and my set of pants and jerseys, hoorah!

My excitement grew bigger when dada started to open the box and I jumped in happiness when he handed me my very first paintball set. Next thing I did is to ask Manang to help me wear them :D

I’m so happy today that I even bragged my new clothes to mom when she arrived home and she said I am so cute!

I want this…

Dear Daddy Pogi,

Malapit na ang birthday ko (6 months na lang, weeeee) and I wish to have a simple party with our family and friends this year. Apart from the party, gusto ko po sana mag wish ng simple gift for my birthday. Dahil medyo nahihilig (actually talagang mahilig) po ako sa panonood ng mga movies (especially Despicable Me) gusto ko po sana magpabili ng portable DVD player para inde ko na po gagamitin ang laptop nyo ni mommy at inde na din po ako makikipag agawan sa panonood ng TV kay Manang Lucre. Either po sana sa dalawang to ang gusto ko :D

Favorite color ko po ang pink at funky looking tong Sony portable DVD, talaga namang bagay na bagay sa kin lalo na pag umaalis tayo :)

Pwede din tong tablet like na Philips daddy, kasi mas bago ang design niya…Anyway i’ll leave the decision to you po kasi I know inde nyo ako matitiis, hahaha! Promise ko po na magbabait ako lalo na pag nakuha ko na po yan. Hopefully soon :D


Aikenpot :)